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Please sign our letter to show your support for Kauanoe o Kōloa’s development project on Kauai.

Letter of Support for Kauanoe o Kōloa

By signing this letter, you support the county’s acceptance of the master drainage plan for the ahupuaʻa of Koloa, vital to public safety in this era of extreme climate change. This also supports the Kauanoe o Kōloa's development project on Kauai, whose benefits include..

Benefits to Kauai include:
  • 1,300 new jobs, $100 MM new wages, $43MM local business profits
  • $4.5MM contribution to county agencies, enough to build 100 workforce housing units
  • Increased county taxes of $5MM, adding 1.7% of county’s operating budget for spending on roads, salaries, services, annually
  • Increased spending of over $50MM by residents and guests annually
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